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of the politics of race. fired up and ready, joe biden in ohio for a second straight day. >> we're not anti-capitalist, for god sake it's the system that built the country. we hope investors do well. but you can't build an economy, economy of the future where the only people who do well are the investors and everybody else pays the price. >> plus, shut out. eleanor holmes norton speaks about being blocked from the house hearing on restricting abortions in her own district. and death of a disco queen. five-time grammy winner donna summer dies after a long battle with cancer. ♪ i love music >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. in a political bombshell "the new york times" broke the news that a republican super pac was considering a $10 million willy horton style ad campaign linking president obama to jafr maya wright. the proposal called the defeat of barack hussein obama, the plan to end his spending for good. but moments ago the super pac released a statement on behalf of the funder joe rikts, rejecting the approach and saying it's all a big mistake. the proposal was just,
't figured out how to talk about mitt romney's days of bain capital, but joe biden has. >> there's no leveling an attack dog. >> vice president biden is going to be chief attack dog. >> i resent the fact they think we're talking about envy. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreamed. >> fdr message rings well and people likes it. >> who is going to do what it takes to put out the fire. >> see a fire in the distance. a prairie fire of debt. >> harsh now political rhetoric over the economy. >> prairie fire of debt. >> focusing on deficits and debt on the campaign trail. >> the fire in the distance. >> when he was governor he raised the debt by 15%. >> he makes the debt worse. >> which just adds to this the debt. >> every piece of this narrative is askew. >> the debt ceiling ended like a typical tarantino flick. casualties and blood were everywhere. >> everyone was hurt last summer. >> where is the president's plan. >> john boehner is bringing back the debt ceiling debate. he would once again hold the u.s. credit rating hostage. >> call it kill bill and everyone el
the demands, i die. the new video straight ahead. >>> plus off script and outspoken. joe biden reportedly sending the white house scrambling after his comments on same-sex marriage. this morning, the meeting as team obama tries to get on message. >>> death at the derby. a track worker found dead in a barn at the world famous track. new clues and new questions as we are expecting to hear from police this morning. >>> and middle class talkback. today we kick off a series built around you. your concerns. your issues. your questions to the candidates. today, we connect you to them and get answers. newsroom starts right now. >>> this morning, we begin with a man's desperate plea for president obama to save his life on a videotaped just replease by al qaeda we hear from 70-year-old warren weinstein, the american who was snatched from his home in pakistan back in august. he begs president obama, make a deal with the terrorists or they will kill me. cnn's reza sayah is in pakistan. what is the latest? >> reporter: eight months we weren't sure about warren weinstein's condition but when you look a
mine waiting to go off, keith? >> he's not a land mine. absolutely he needs to stick with joe biden. if you get rid of biden right now, it makes it look like the president is weak. you can't abandon somebody who has been with you all this time. that's about disloyalty. he can connect with white voters and he can articulate the message to middle class and working class voters in a way that barack obama hasn't been as able to do. he's effective but not as effective as joe biden it s. >> i'm not sure if that works anymore. he's trying to create that aura of every man but he's a long-time washingtonin sider. >> he takes the train -- >> it's very expensive to go from wilmington to d.c. >> biden maybe is best for the president this time and it does show loyalty but is joe biden better for the democrats in 2016? >> i don't think he's better this time. it cannot appear that joe biden is pushed off the ticket. but if he were for some reason not able to serve or switch roles with hillary clinton -- >> are you kidding? >> i am not a conspiracy theorist. if joe biden and barack obama a team. jo
it on the human story. joe biden is talking in youngstown, ohio. that place has been absolutely devastated by the model of post industrial capitalism brought to america by companies like bain capital. that's literally what happened. private equity firms went out and facilitated the outsourcing and streamlining of the industrial base of the country and left a lot of the country looking like youngstown. >> alex, joe biden is trying to reduce all the talk of romney the rich guy. romney the job killer to one basic generic point. let's listen to this. >> he's a patriot. he's a generous man. he gives to his church. he has a beautiful family. but he doesn't get it. he doesn't get what's at the core of all this. it's about people's dignity. >> he doesn't get it. that would be the bumper sticker, the anti-romney bumper sticker. >> and there's no better emissary for that message than joe biden. that was snap dragon and peonies. they've been skeptical of joe biden. that was an incredible speech that he gave today. and it wasn't just the part about mitt romney, but it was also someone who understands
. >>> still ahead -- how joe biden's comment about gay marriage could be his first step towards running for president in 2016. so what will hillary clinton do? easy label, right? but that label can lead to prejudice and discrimination, and we don't want to go there. so let's try to see people for who they really are. you can help create a more united states. the more you know. than leading regular juice drinks. because less sugar is a better way to fly. ♪ just not literally. capri sun. respect what's in the pouch. [ male announcer ] american innovation. 29 years ago, it helped us invent the minivan. ♪ today dodge grand caravan is the most awarded minivan ever. ♪ who knows where innovation can take us next? ♪ directions to the moon. ♪ in here, great food demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to better collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities, they can create and maintain high standards, from kitchen to table. this technology allows us to collaborate with our drivers to make a better experie
live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. >>> vice president joe biden is heading to martins ferry, ohio, this morning, finishing off his two-day swing through that battleground state. in a fiery speech at a youngstown manufacturing plant yesterday, the vice president addressed the challenges facing the middle class, something he suggested mitt romney knows very little about. >> i resent when they talk about families like mine that i grew up in, i resent the fact that they think we're talking about we're envy, it's job envy, it's wealth envy, and we don't dream. my mother believed and my father believed that if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be, i could be vice president. my mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire! my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams! >> absolutely! >> they don't get us! they don't get who we are! >> the vice president was introduced by a former paper plant employee who lost his job after a company owned by bain capital took over. romney's t
>>> good morning, i'm willie geist, this is the show that reminds you joe biden's name check of "will and grace" on "meet the press," set all this in motion. i'm glad you're up with us this morning, watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius radio. shoot me an email or tweet me, @williegeist 1. or do what will and grace do text by the word "awake" followed by your response to 622639. we read the best responses later. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this thursday, may 10th. a lot to tell you about. including a breakdown of where the country actually stands on question of gay marriage. we'll see what this can tell us about how the president's announcement will play. the texas prison inmate who got himself on the ballot in west virginia's presidential primary. and with the help of his raccoon tail swiped 41% of the vote. we'll get up close and personal with mr. keith judd later. >>> first the news live at 5:30. after years of evolving on the issue, and frustrating his progressive supporters, president obama made history yesterday. becoming the first sitting
to be further along on the chain. joe biden on meet the press on sunday. >> i am absolutely comfortable that men marrying men, women, marrying women are entitled to all of the same rights and civil liberties. >> do you believe that same-sex marriage men and women should be able to get legally married in the united states? >> yes i do. >> the comments opened up a big old can of worms, so big that president obama's stop strategist felt the need to discuss them. david axelrod said: so does all of that mean that the president's position is evolving, and that he will publicly support same-sex marriage. well for one you we're going to new york and turning to marc solomon. welcome inside the "war room." >> good to be here. >> so you think this was part of a strategy or just this -- you know, joe biden being the great joe biden? >> i think i was neither. i don't think it was part of a strategy, but i also think it was joe biden being very heart felt about what he really thinks, and i think when you watch the interview, and he talks about what marriage is and that it's ab
a kid around biden? i would assume that there's a lot of like joe, language. or, like he's like the uncle that comes over like oh, you brought them guns. like -- all right. >> no. he's a great vice president and a great friend. >> that's nice. >> my kids hang around him. >> that was the first lady talking about vice president biden earlier this week. a new article in "time" magazine makes the case that biden is not just a great veep and friend to the obama family but the president's secret campaign weapon. neither romney nor obama has this pastoral gene. biden can make both men look like retail amateurs. the rich and the rest. tip o'neill had a saying all politics is local. biden prefers the municipal analllpersonal. michael shearer is a white house correspondent and our own ambassador to "time" magazine. always great to see you. >> good to see you again. >> a great story, and some incredible turns of phrases, my friend. you know how to put a sentence together. the thing about joe biden, i can talk about the man at length, is what i don't understand in terms of demographics and
? >> joe biden strikes again, giving his off the wall take on the iran's nuclear threat. is it time for the media to i go dor the vice-president. and does dancing on stage bake you a bad journalist? on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor, judy miller, syndicated columnist, john thomas and jim pinkerton, the magazine and daily beast columnist, kirsten powers. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on now. >> at a certain point i've just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> jon: after a bit of hemming and hawing there, president obama making it crystal clear where he personally stands on gay marriage. here is a quick look how the media reacted. >> president obama today became the first american president to say he approves of same sex marriage. >> president obama's stand on same sex marriage completed its evolution today, changing from opposition to support. >> announcing something no u.s. president has ever said, that he supports same sex marriage. >> the president did
our country and our society. we've spent enough time playing small ball. >> joe biden blasts mitt romney in the critical swing state of ohio. >> my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. they don't get us. they don't get who we are. >> populism revisited. plus, remember the alamo? the general services administration is hoping their annual conference will be much more forgettable than the las vegas fiasco. and the president's pastor, reverend joel hunter, one of president obama's closest advisers and a man who disagrees with the president's historic gay marriage announcement is coming here. and good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. it's deja vu all over again. congressional republicans promising to block nel increase in the debt ceiling unless it is offset by spending cuts. the leadership of both parties is meeting at the white house for the first time since february at a d.c. sandwich shop today, the president previewed the hoagie summit. >> my message to congress and i'm going to have a chance to see the congressional leadership when i get back to t
on a foiled terror plot against the country. >>> plus what joe biden said about gay marriage. i'll ask david axelrod, was this a political misstep? >>> and can mitt romney grab momentum? i'll ask ed gillespie. >>> a lot has changed since bill bradley ran for president. >> forget it we're on our way to victory. >> tonight he's here to talk about one of my favorite topics. keeping america great. >>> and the last time suzanne sommers was here, things got interesting. >> feel my lips. feel my lips. >> they feel real. >> i'm looking forward to it. she's back with what she says is the secret to the fountain of youth. >>> plus only in america. why american airlines grounded two very frequent fliers. this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> good evening. breaking news tonight, the foiled terror plot to bomb an american airliner. a senior u.s. official says al qaeda is responsible and the device was intended for use by a suicide bomber. also the would be bomber is quote, not a threat anymore. listen to leon panetta. >> what this incident makes clear is that this country has to continue to remain vigilant
just did. >> i'm interested in how this came about. the conventional wisdom is that joe biden goes on "meet the press," tells david gregory that he supports gay marriage. a morning later. arne duncan is asked the same question, he says he supports it and that forces the president's hand. the president told robin roberts that he was going to come out with this sometime before the convention. is that supported by your reporting? was he about to come out with this, anyway, or was he pushed by joe biden? >> i think it accelerated the timing. but a lot of people around the president felt he was going to do this. there's a tendency to put off a difficult political decision and there was nothing really forcing the president's timing, except i think the democratic convention, when the democratic platform has to be written to express the party's view on this issue. but i think it's clear that the vice president and secretary duncan forced the president. because he has a number of events coming up in hollywood, in new york. with activists and liberals, many prominent gay and lesbian gay and
of stiff ace cross america. this weekend frp wichita, kansas, on c-span2 and c-span3. >>> joe biden spoking to survivors of fallen military members the friday memorial day and recounted the death of his wife daughter in the early '70s and how he could understand how someone could think about committing suicide. joining the vice president at this 45-minute event. it was hosted by the organization tragedy assistance program for survivors, also known at s t.a.p.s. >> -- by the doubling of our joy -- >> i'm glad this is happening with me now. i bet we have some technical folks that can fix that. all right. how's that? not yet? i'm glad this is happening with me now. a philosopher once wrote that friendship abaits mtes mis -- i wanted to share a favorite quote. a philosopher once wrote that friendship improves happiness and abates misery by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief. you are loved. america remembers, and through t.a.p.s., we are now here for each other. the president and founder of t.a.p.s. and this is our family. a family we never warranted to be a part of, but i can
. >> good to be with you. >> big story brewing since the weekend over joe biden's comments. the way to tee this up is to play them then come to you for reaction. >> and you're comfortable with same-sex marriage now? >> i -- look, i am vice president of the united states of america. the president sets the policy. i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men and women are entitled to all the civil rights, all the civil liberties. quite frankly i don't see much of a distinction beyond that. >> i suppose the obvious question to you -- you tweeted almost immediately. you said what the vice president said that all married couples should have the same legal rights is precise this potus position. do you still think everything joe biden said is with the president's position? >> i think the policy joe biden is describing there, that is the president's policy. he believes that couples, heterosexual couples, gay couples should have the same legal rights. and of course that's why we've stopped appealing the douma case. because he believes i
. that started to happen to me about 15, 20 years ago. mike, joe biden, what do you think about this? >> i would say the populist stuff doesn't work, but it works with biden because biden, he feels it. working class guy. he feels it. by the way, you look at all of these millionaires that run our country and then you look at his taxes every year, he's -- you know, he hasn't cashed in. >> he feels it. he understands it. he lives it. he's vice president of the united states. he has secret service protection, and he's still joe biden from scranton, pennsylvania. we hear ripples there's animosity or anger towards the vice president on -- >> i don't believe so that. >> i can't believe it. >> on the gay stuff. >> not for a second. >> for forcing the president's hand. but he's a valuable asset. >> he's the best thing they have when it comes to politics. i'm sorry. he knows what he's doing. >> he went after them. >> let's show more of that fiery speech at a youngstown manufacturing plant. he took aim at mitt romney for his tenure at the investment firm bain capital. >> this is a choice between two fundam
that men marries men, women marrying women. >> what the white house says about vice president joe biden's words and how gay couples are responding. >> a trip that will end right here in the bay area, why and who is traveling along with the road show. q >>> my feelings about this are evolving. i struggle with this. >> that is how president obama described his stants against same-sex marriage 10 years ago. today vice president joe biden says his opinion has changed. the president says his views are still unfolding. vice president joe biden couldn't have sent a clearer message. >> what this is about is a simple proposition, who do you love? who do you love? i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women. >> joe biden and the white house said today the vice president's comments do not signal a change in the administration's stand when it comes to same-sex marriage but they noted president obama made strides for gay rights. the president opposes the marriage act and he repealed "don't ask, don't tell." we asked people about the comments. >> great. the r
with lawrence >> sounds like joe biden is evolving a little faster. >> i am absolutely comfortable. men marrying men, women marrying women. they are entitled to the same exact rights. >> tell me what you really think. >> joe biden clearly was speaking from his heart. >> it certainly caught the white house by surprise. >> they came out so quickly. >> was to make the same point. >> it's a delicate dance he has to do. >> the vice president is not the only member of the obama administration. education secretary was asked if he supports gay marriage. >> he was asked this morning. >> to which he answered yes, i do. >> they knew it would come up. mitt romney had to let go of his spokesman who is gay. >> today on the campaign trail, something important happened. >> mitt romney was asked a question. >> that we need to talk about. someone said something about the president being responsible for treason. >> try the president for treason. >> wait a minute. >> yet again, a soldier moment. >> a failure to lead. >> more mitt romney vp auditions. >> the battle over who will be the next vice president. >> we don
that whatever i say is not going to make the news tonight. >> vice president joe biden is the rare newsmaker who seems to relish in making news. and so here he was on "meet the press" yesterday asked about his position on gay marriage, and here's what he said. >> the president has said that his views on gay marriage, same-sex marriage, have evolved but he's opposed to it, you're oppo opposed to it. have your views evolved? >> i think the good news is as more and more americans come to understand what this is all about is a simple proposition, who do you love? who do you love? will you be loyal to the person you love? that's what people are finding out is what all marriages at their root are about. whether they're marriages of lesbians or gay men or heterosexuals. >> is that what you believe? >> that's what i believe. >> you're comfortable with same-sex marriage now? >> i'm vice president of the united states of america. the president sets the policy. i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual are entitled to the same exact rights, all
after vice president joe biden said the same thing when threw his support behind gay marriage. the white house rushed the announcement which was originally slated to take place they claim right before the democratic convention. in other words, this was all about politics as usual. not principle. joining me with reaction to all of this is fox news political analyst juan williams and the author of the number one "new york times" best seller culture of corruption. let's go first to the president. now, he is in front of a different audience now and this is, of course, pastor warren, rick warren and he was asked the question. let's play it. >> define marriage. >> i believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. i'm not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage. >> i'm not in favor of gay marriage. i'm in favor of civil unions. >> i believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. >> sean: let's look at the positions on paper here. he had multiple positions in a period of time. 1996 he favored it. 1998 he was undecided. in 2004 he was opposed. 2008, opposed. 2012 now he support
will be live with him to talk about it coming up at 6:45 a.m.. don't miss that. vice president joe biden has apologized for putting the president in a tough position over gay marriage. he publicly gave his support days before the president did. the white house says that the president knew that he spoke from the heart. >> mitt romney has apologized over allegations that he was a bully in high school. >> i'm sure like other people i have done stupid things in high- school. and i if i offended anyone by that i apologize. >> according to the washington post, 46 years ago he and several friends at his prestigious high-school had held down another student and cut off his hair. he says he does not and remember the incident but did not dispute it. >> it feels the weather is different without you in the studio. >> we miss your energy but we are surrounded by beautiful flowers. >> it is gorgeous. these temperatures are really dropping off. my smart-phone says it is 59 degrees, my body tells me it is freezing out here. a little bit chilly to start out the day but we have some great weather coming away
would have to address and tell the american public about. >> joe biden versus george clooney. how well did the president do this week? we'll discuss next on "now." [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ power surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're left with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions
. last friday, vice president joe biden spoke to survivors of fallen military members. he recounted the difficulty of dealing with the death of his wife and daughter in a car accident in the early 1970s. and said it was the first time he could understand how someone would consciously commit suicide. joe biden and joint chiefs chair martin dempsey joined the vice president at this event hosted by the tragedy assistance program for survivors, an organization known as t.a.p.s. >> a philosopherer once wrote that friendship improves happiness and abates misery by the doubling of our joy -- >> let's see, i bet we have some technical folks that can fix that. all right. how is that? not yet? i'm glad this is happening with me now. all right. how's that? great. i wanted to share a favorite quote. a philosopher once wrote that friendship improves happiness and baits misery by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief. you are loved. america remembers. and through t.a.p.s., we are now here for each other. i'm bonnie carroll, the president and founder.t.a.p.s., and this is our famil
. coming up, joe biden's comments been the gay marriage on "meet the press" are raisie ining ques about his relationship with the president. >>> mitt romney is getting set to speak in ohio. we'll look at the latest poll numbers and the president and rominee are battling more than just each other next on "now." [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're left with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter. ♪ you make me happy [ female announcer ] choose the same brand your mom trusted for you. children's tylenol, the #1 brand of pain and fever relief recommended by pediatricians and used by moms decade after decade. four walls and a roof is
and elite. there are three seats write their nile joe biden would break the tie but that is a different atmosphere for policy social conser3 one betsy and elite. there are three seats write their nile joe biden would break the tie but that is a different atmosphere for policy social conservatives as well. they get them in trouble with moderates who were open to the appeal with fiscal issues. >> host: year earlier book called the being currency? >> it was a bat -- about attack journalism to jump on every conceivable hint of scandal real or not. whether of little misstatement made by an aide that mentions the etch-a-sketch. they focus on trivial things that don't matter at all. now the the idea has changed enormously. the whole world is different yet to very similar. we still half coffee being frenzies. >> whether some you were writing about? >> we covered everything from the secret bond through gary hart and his affair and bill clinton who was the ultimate super the been frenzy at that time. clinton provided my book with extra chapters. >> host: taping at university of virginia late marc
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,626 (some duplicates have been removed)